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JavaScript Air is the live broadcast podcast all about JavaScript.

Digital Ocean
Simple Cloud Infrastructure for Developers

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DigitalOcean is the best place to get your application off the ground quickly, and the easiest to scale when you find success. Start with the pre-configured NodeJS one-click to get up and running in 55 seconds, or build the exact infrastructure you need, with root access to servers running 100% SSD's in state-of-the-art datacenters around the world.

JSAIR10 - good for $10 credit on a new DigitalOcean account.

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The largest JavaScript conference in Europe

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dotJS is the largest JavaScript conference in Europe. Its 5th edition will happen on December 5th in Paris at the Théâtre Mogador. A lot of amazing speakers will be announced soon. Meanwhile you can check the dotJS 2015 talks here.

Use code JSAIR for 20% off your ticket

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Expires 2016-12-05

Cross-platform crash-reporting

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Users experience way more errors than they report. When they do report errors, they tell you about the experience, not the cause. Sentry’s error tracking shows you every crash in your stack as it happens, with the details needed to reproduce and fix each issue, information your support team can use to reach out to and help affected users, and tools that let users send you feedback for peace of mind.

Use the code javascriptair for $50 credit on a new Sentry account.

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Turing School of Software and Design
Seven month developer training program in Denver, Colorado

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We turn great people into outstanding developers. Turing believes in community-driven education. Our community is built on three core values which guide our work: love, respect, and curiosity. We believe in community-driven education. We're not a co-working space, and we're not a handful of folks in a conference room. Turing is a growing, thriving community of over a hundred people helping each other become more than what they thought to be possible.

Refer a student with the code FEE2016. You get $500 cash & the student gets $500 off their tuition.

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Expires 2016-12-31