JavaScript Air


Wed, Jul 27, 2016


12:00 pm CT

Web audio opens the door for rich multimedia, audio and gaming applications. It remains an unknown topic for many. Let's get an overview at audio programming with JavaScript and an introduction to some tools and frameworks that can make your life easier doing this.



Links, Tips, and Picks

Alejandro Mantecon Guillen Profile Picture

Alejandro Mantecon Guillen

  • When you dive into new realms of programming, be it web-audio, functional programming, or whatever it is you're after, don't be afraid to dive in and iterate. Start with simple micro-projects and keep growing a notch every time. I find it hard to really get into new technology without getting my hands dirty from the start. Practice is essential.

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Kent C. Dodds

  • p-s All the benefits of npm scripts without the cost of a bloated package.json and limits of json